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Video Movie

Straight to video movies are flicks that were not commercially released in cinemas. Straight to video movies are instead marketed through video or DVD releases sold in video shops. Though the movie is still released, straight to video movies save a lot on the PR expenses.

Reasons for using straight to video movies

The movie-making business can generate a large income, but it can be as highly volatile as the viewers' or audiences' preferences. Although hit movies may have produced lasting impacts on audiences, a sequel may not generate the same stellar reception. Timing is also a factor in determining the success of a film and may also determine if sequels or second installments should be made into straight to video movies. It's not only sequels that are made into straight to video movies. Initial films that have bleak projections for success at the box office can either be released on a later date or as straight to video movies.

-To regain costs
Sequel movies are usually made into straight to video movies, whether the first installment made it big or flopped in the box office. Sometimes, movie producers decide the fate of a sequel when the trend has already passed even while in the middle of the filming process. To somehow regain the costs of production, these sequels are turned into straight to video movies.

-To satisfy public demand despite small budget
Many animated films have sequels or even prequels that are made into straight to video movies. If the public demand has narrowed down into only a specific niche of viewers, straight to video movies of these sequels are released. Straight to video movies do not suffer much financial loss as the budget used for production is almost just completely recouped through video sales. In special instances, some straight to video movies that were projected not to do well in cinemas actually hauled in more than the production costs.

-To check market response
Some flicks that are initially marketed as straight to video movies can be released to cinemas after gaining positive reception of it.

Straight to video movies are not generally just made for viewing in the confines of the living room but can also gain minimal public stature through limited cinema releases. Straight to video movies are also perfect venues for independent film makers to hone their craft. These straight to video movies also allow more creative freedom to experiment on themes and film approaches that may not be well-received or can be considered controversial in mainstream cinema.

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